What is digiMint (DiM)?

digiMint is the energy saving platform utilizing efficient power monitoring system and secure blockchain technology to meet the increase in power demands.

Why Mint not Coin?
We are renewable energy and energy efficiency promoter, instead of collecting coins, we grow ‘Mint’ which possess two meaning, Mint tree and Mint as in alternative for coins. While we collecting coins we also grow more tree with green energy, that is the whole objective for us.

Who created digiMint and how it is managed?
digiMint is created by Nortis Rise under Nortis Group to promote energy saving in the community. Nortis Rise is currently developing Solarlaa which is one stop service application to solar energy enthusiast from education, marketplace and monitoring services which also include, a power monitoring system, that provide reliable and real time power consumption data to facility owner to have full understanding toward the solar power system installed.

Why energy saving?
Why not? Two main reasons;

  • As the world is moving toward more digitize world everyday, it is just a matter of time to really think about energy saving. Imagine a world without enough energy for everyone, all the electronic gadgets will stop working and instead of moving forward to higher advance technology, we all will have to turn ourselves back to the old day with matches and fire.
  • Conventional power plants are highly depend on fuel resources and when we talk about fuel, it means depleted resources. Coal, Gas, Oil are more scarce and depleted sooner or later. There’s never a good time to start but NOW.
I am a regular power consumer, how can I benefit?
The concept of DiM is to promote awareness of power consumer to be more conscious about their consumptions. So firstly, consumer can benefit from its lower electricity obligation then by reduce it consumption, consumer will gain DiMs if is tradable in cryptocurrency market or can exchange for other goods and services as available.

I am have a solar rooftop, how can I benefit?
With our Solarlaa BoxTM , ‘Prosumer’ can benefit from ‘real-time’ monitoring and they shall get additional award for being ‘less dependent’ on grid. They can gain additional DiMs for every power unit their solar rooftop system can generated and consumed as a token of green energy enthusiast.

I manage building/factory, how can I benefit?
Most of building and factory in Thailand are long established facility which may or may not realize the benefit replacing certain equipment rather than seeing it as high investment, however, by entered into DiM community, each facility owner can challenge themselves on their energy efficiency goals. By comparing, discussing and sharing information among peer groups they can suddenly reduce their energy consumption by replacing equipment with new technology and the pay back period can be as soon as 1 years or less with certain appliances.

What is Solarlaa?
Solarlaa is a one stop service application for solar energy enthusiast which provide all range of services from education, marketplace and monitoring services which also include, a power monitoring system called “Solarlaa Box”.

What is Solarlaa Box?
Solarlaa Box is an energy detective device that provide reliable and real time power consumption data to facility owner. Solarlaa Box will provide all information relating to power consumption and power generation at the facility and convert it into saving unit to assure the economics value at each facility.

How Solarlaa interact with digiMint?
Solarlaa is the main platform for monitoring and energy conservation services while digiMint is cryptocurrency platform to collect, gain and trade DiM among DiM community and in cryptocurrency market in the future.


Subscription Process

How do I subscribe DiM

Please follow the following steps;

  1. Register and create your username and password
  2. Download and read the white paper
  3. Subscribe the DiM from your log in account
  4. Make payment through credit card
  5. Waiting for confirmation of successful transaction


DiM coins

When will I receive my digiMint coin (DiM)?
DiM shall be generated within [90] days after the ICO closes.

How many DiM can I expect to receive?
You will receive DiM depends on the initial funds you put through the ICO. You can subscribe as many as you want until the closing date. The issuance is 1 DiM per every 35 THB spent.

How do I receive DiM into my wallet?
After the ICO closes, your DiM wallet will be created and the corresponding amount of DiM will be transfer to that wallet address.

How do I send DiM from my wallet?
DiM can be transfer freely between DiM wallets through the upcoming new version of Solarlaa app after the ICO closes. Please notice that transfer fee may apply.

How to secure keep my DiM?
We recommend you to back up your wallet and place backup file in separate secure location. More detail on how to back up will be provided after the ICO closes.