digiMint – An energy saving platform that utilize blockchain technology

What is digiMint?

digiMint (DiM) promotes the energy saving using simple yet efficient power monitoring system as a core. Our team believe in the crowding power to change the world in a better way and, thus, strive to create an energy saving community. Utilizing the secure and transparent characteristics of blockchain technology, our digiMint platform will elevate the energy saving trend to meet the increase in power demands.

How does it work?

DiM Community: Power consumers verify their monitoring device and they can start saving energy and receive DiM in exchange.
Platform Integrator: Nortis Rise supply and install a monitoring device, Solarlaa Box and accept DiM as tangible discount and social value.
digiMint Platform: The platform create personal baseline to calculate the rewarding DiM and publish energy saving tips.

What is Energy Saving Program?

Periodically, DiM coins will be minted and distributed within DiM community. To ensure a fair competition, we will consider Network Difficulty, Subscriber Royalty, Renewable Sources and of course, the Energy Saving Value!